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The Marcellus Girls Lacrosse Clubs (MGLC) mission is to promote excellence and integrity in our players and volunteer staff throughout the community and among their families, on and off the playing field. Our focus is to create a safe, positive and fun environment firmly rooted in:

•Player and skill development for all levels.

•A healthy competition where fairness, sportsmanship, discipline, self-control, honesty, and team play are fostered developed and role modeled, in defeat as well as victory.

•Respect for oneself, community, family, other players, coaches, officials and teams.

•Player and coach commitment to hard work and the development of the sport of lacrosse.


The purpose of the Marcellus Girls Lacrosse Club is to organize and promote a youth lacrosse program for children living within the geographic boundaries of Marcellus, N.Y., and surrounding areas or attending a school within these boundaries but not exclusively, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality or disability. It is further the purpose of MGLC to:

•Aid youth who participate in this sport in the improvement and development of lacrosse skills and promote physical, mental and moral development.

•To teach a sense of fair and honest gameplay.

•To promote team play at all levels resulting in good sportsmanship and to encourage, aid and support acquisition of facilities and means for playing of lacrosse.

•It is also the purpose of the Club to provide a formal means of organizing, financing and directing said youth lacrosse programs exclusively, for charitable and educational purposes.